Construction site work remains one of the most dangerous occupations in the UK, Employers, the self-employed and controlling persons must ensure that they provide a safe place of work and that workers are not in danger.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are still required to focus a lot of their resources on improving the situation.

Due to both legislation and insurance requirements, Principal Contractors are having to be more stringent in selecting their sub-contractors with a large focus being on their health and safety record at work and the competency levels of their staff.

Adskill Ltd specialise in helping construction firms fulfil their obligations. They employ us to help them with:

  • Understanding their health and safety responsibilities
  • Creating management processes, developing staff competences and training matrix
  • Assisting with supervision and providing required documentation
  • Establishing a positive attitude and culture towards safety

Adskill Ltd recognise that not all business owners have the resources to employ a full time Health and Safety Manager nor do they have either the time or knowledge themselves to get involved in complex legislation requirements or details.

Outsourcing to Adskill Ltd for health and safety support is a cost-effective way to ensure you and the company are kept aware of the responsibilities placed on you by law.